Backyard Patio Design Ideas

You can find inspirations for your personal backyard patio designs if you want to transform your barren and unattractive backyard into something cozy – even appealing. On the contrary to what people believe, managing and planning the work isn’t super difficult. Sure, it is difficult but it is not extremely hard. If you are careful about the whole thing and you include the things you like, the project can be even fun!

Starting out the Project

Backyard Patio Design Ideas

So, what kind of backyard patio design and plan that you should do? First of all, there aren’t certain rules or regulations on how you should manage the whole set. You are free to manage it all but be sure to be careful about it and don’t rush things. The first thing that you should do is to plan the pattern.

If you have different kinds of plants with different textures and shapes (and also sizes), adding the extra pattern will be too much. For instance, an abstract pattern for the furniture will be too much so you may want to go with the simple patterns. On the other hand, if your garden is pretty basic and simple, adding the contrastive colorful features and abstract patterns will be just fine. Make sure that you can create a beautiful and harmonious balance.

The next thing that you want to do is to manage and control the air flow. Just like the indoor interior, if you put up too much shields or surrounding elements, things can be overwhelming. For instance, if you already have an overhead construction or structure, it is a good idea to have a ceiling fan so the perimeter remains cool even during the summer heat. Unfortunately, not many people realize the importance of air flow management in the backyard patio ideas planning.

Don’t forget to think about the privacy factor. You want to shield your activities from the prying eyes. This is especially important if you have a small and limited space in your backyard. Screening the seating area can be done in various ways, such as having tall trees, adding hedgerow or shrubs, or constructing decorative (and attractive) fence.

Lighting is also crucial in managing and planning the backyard patio ideas. Unless you are planning to use the patio during the days only, you should install the electricity and the lighting. In case you are planning an outdoor kitchen, don’t forget to include the same thing. The key to a successful project is to do it carefully and not rushing things, especially if you are planning the backyard patio ideas.

Patio Design

No need to worry or confused when you need the perfect patio design ideas to mach your decor project. No matter what kind of design or project you are having, keep in mind that you want to include the crucial spots and necessary considerations. You don’t want to rush things and regret your options in the end.

Patio Deck Design Ideas

The Noticeable Transformation

So, your backyard was probably barren and unattractive but it doesn’t mean that you should give up hope. Knowing the right steps and stages can really help to create an appealing outcome. After all, it doesn’t have to be super difficult for your patio decorating work.

The first thing that you can do is to consider creating a gathering spot. What’s the point of beautifying your garden if you aren’t going to use it for personal and intimate gathering event. Be sure that the gathering spot has enough space for friends and families to sit around and simply have fun. Make sure that you should provide not only enough space but also cozy atmosphere. If you can transform your backyard into something beautiful, you can even turn it into a beautiful and functional space for business meeting. Isn’t it fun?

Second, why not including the trees for light? Consider yourself lucky if you have some tall and big trees because you can actually include them in your patio design ideas planning. You can have strings of lights around the trees so you have a big source of light there. Or if you want a more intimate atmosphere together with your loved ones, using candles will do. Candles on the root or candles inside bottles and then hung on the trees can make your trees a part of the decoration – and they will make great focal points.

Third, outdoor heater can be a cozy and inviting warm area to get together. Since the ancient time, ancient people liked to get together around the fire. Won’t it be cool if you can imitate the idea in the modern way? Whether you are building a pit fire or you have your own heater or even a barbecue spot, make sure to make the place inviting, warm, and homey.

The Important Notes

Building and managing your outdoor gathering spot doesn’t have to be costly or expensive. Make sure that you include the important elements that are important to you and you should be good to go. Consult as many sources as possible for your patio design ideas planning.

Patio Deck Design

It is crucial if you can learn about the basics of the patio decks before staring out with the project. Whereas most people believe that patio and decks are just the same, they are actually different. Each construction has its own positive outcome as well as the negative aspect. So, which one does your house need? Do you need the decks or the patio?

Patio Deck Design

Patio vs Deck

The patio is basically the specialized paved spot or area that is constructed on the ground directly, and it can be attached to the house or completely detached from the main building. On the other hand, the deck is the outdoor and open platform with a roof. It generally extends from the main house construction. Not all houses can come with the patios or with the decks. You need to understand your property’s characteristics and values before constructing one.

However, there has been a shift to the paradigm of patio decks. As the name suggests, this construction combines the characteristics of the patio and the deck. It is quite normal to see a platform that is attached to the main house and it comes with the roof. Whether the deck is coming with layered platforms or an even single porch, such a construction is still functional and completely beautiful.

Before you make a decision of the right patio decks designs for your property, you need to explore further into the options. Don’t forget to do a complete research of the strength and also downsides of each construction. For instance, the deck comes with higher resale value and it works just perfectly on the uneven terrain. However, it requires more maintenance and it comes with shorter lifespan.

That’s why it would be great if the two combinations can go together. With the patio decks, you can enjoy the positive aspects of both the decks and the patios. You can have a construction that is attached to the main house (meaning that the overall cost can be inexpensive) and yet there is a roof construction that will protect the users from the heat and also the rain. This kind of construction can be great especially if the contour of the land is uneven so the deck with its layered heights will look gorgeous and great.

In the end, be prepared to do a thorough research and careful planning. It’s important if you don’t hurry things right away so you won’t regret the process. If you are patient, managing and planning the patio decks can be done successfully.

Patio Canopy

Choosing the right patio canopy should be included in your patio planning project – whether you have a DIY project or hiring the professional service. It would be a good idea to know what kind of awning types to install in your patio so the planning process can be easier. Knowing your options and the wide arrays of available picks can help.

Patio Canopy

Different Types of Patio Canopy

Among the many types of patio canopy ideas, it would be interesting to learn different types of patio canopy. The most popular one is the patio awning where it is constructed in a wall mounted style. The canopy will be installed on the wall and then extended outward, covering the smoking or seating area. The fixed canopy means that the canopy is fixed and can’t be changed. The retractable canopy means that the canopy can be operated – it can be extended outward when needed and then rolled (or pulled) back when you want to enjoy the roofless atmosphere. There is the so-called veranda awning whose construction is similar to the patio awning, but it has a fixed frame that won’t budge when you retract the awning.

Another option is the freestanding canopy. It doesn’t have any wall mounting construction because it has its own structural freestanding frame, so the canopy can be fixed onto it. If you have an open space patio, this one will be the perfect option for you. Another perk of this patio canopy is its flexibility to cover big and wide spaces, such as the lawns, poolside areas, and also restaurants. If you have a conservatory-construction on your patio, having the conservatory canopy can help. It’s like having your own roof – which is similar to the roof of the house.

Cassette Variants

Besides the different types of the canopy, you should also consider the cassette types for the operation. The first one is the full cassette canopy which is considered perfect if you are looking for the full protection from the weather, including vandalism and dirt. The canopy can be retracted, and when it happens, the arms and fabric will be kept inside the already built-in casing. The semi cassette type is the mix between the full cassette and open type. As the name suggests, the canopy can be partially closed. There is also the open canopy which will be perfect if your garden already has enough protection. Because of the absence of the cassette enclosure, your property has with lightweight outcome. Those are some of the options for your patio canopy options and pick.

Patio Fence

What’s the deal with the patio fence? The fence can provide a lot of different functions. It can offer you privacy from your neighbors or the prying eyes. It can also act as the decorative element for the outdoor setting. It will also act as the barrier – stating which area that you want to determine. So, what are the things should you notice and how you should come up with the right pick?

Patio Fence

The Overall Functions of the Fence

Imagine this: you want to build a patio because you need a place to hang out, relax, chill, or simply wind out or escape from the busy schedule. The problem is, your backyard is an open space and you don’t have any fence with the neighbor. All these years, you and your neighbor share the space and each of you understands the territory. But then again, you now need a ‘shield’ that will block the view.

You have two options, really. You can start building the solid fence or you can go with the portable one. These fences have the same function: they will block the view from the outside world, offering your more privacy. The solid patio fence is a fixed construction and it is generally costly. The portable fence, on the other hand, is easily moved area and more flexible. The fence is cheaper, naturally. Depending on your needs, you need to choose which one to like the most. If you don’t want to deal with the fuss of moving things around, the solid one will be the perfect one. If you want the flexible option, then the portable item will be the best option.

Different Options

When it comes to the various patio fence ideas, there are tons of different designs to choose. The decorative fence (whether it is the solid or portable one) can add the appealing element of the outdoor decor. It provides better privacy and also interesting focal point to the entire design. It is also possible to choose the gateless construction – provided that you value direct access more than security. You don’t need to have the gate. Simply install the offset fences, giving you access to the path and yet you can also block the view from the street.

Besides the regular fence construction, you can also consider the fence to shield the wind. This is especially ideal if you live on the rooftop or apartment where the wind is usually stronger and harsher. This is another good idea for the patio fence that is ideal for your needs.

Patio Fire Pit

There are some patio fire pit ideas that can transform your outdoor place an inviting and attractive place – not to mention also homey and cozy. It seems to be natural that humans have always been interested in gathering around the fire – at least, our ancient ancestors have done so thousands of years ago. It is only logical if you want to include a source of heat in your backyard or outdoor setting, because it is so comforting and inviting.

Patio Fire Pit

The Modern Fire Pit

Does it mean that you need to build a place for the campfire? Not so fast. Thanks to technology, we have the new gas pits that can produce hot fire and yet it won’t make your clothes smells of the smoke. Unlike the campfire, the pit fire is easy to operate and it is safer when compared to the campfire.

And it is a good thing that today’s fire pit is coming with various designs, styles, and also sizes. You can choose the modular fire pit that looks like a campfire so the seats can be surrounding the pit. Or you can choose the outdoor fireplace that looks like, well…the regular fireplace (but smaller and more compact) for the outdoor.

So, what kinds of patio fire pit design that you can choose? First of all, there is a chat fire pit which means that the fire pit is designed for chatting. You can have the campfire-look-alike construction. But if you are okay with the modern design, there is an outdoor table with the fire pit in the middle. It is cool, stylish, and sophisticated – even when it isn’t being used. The fire pit chat is designed as a gathering element where people would gather around, hang out together, and chat. 

There is also the outdoor fireplace where you can have a shorter and smaller wall-like construction outdoor. This type of fire pit doesn’t require you to sit around it, but you can set up and manage a seating area close to it so it can also deliver a warm and inviting air. The outdoor fireplace is more solid and more sophisticated than the chat fire pit so it is more expensive. But both designs are great for your patio fire pit ideas.

The Final Verdict

Having the patio fire pit is great when you want to add some warmth to the outdoor setting. They can also be great for the decorative aspect of the property. Just make sure that you plan the patio fire pit ideas correctly and properly.

Patio Fireplace

Installing the outdoor patio fireplace can be a great option if you want to add a cozy space outdoor while maintaining the warmth at the same time. Right now, the outdoor decor plays an important role in the overall value of the property. Homeowners have understood the importance of the outdoor decor nowadays – they share the similar vital aspect as the interior design. So, what kind of benefits can you enjoy from this outdoor fireplace?

Patio Fireplace

The Various Designs

There are several patio fireplace ideas for your own personal backyard. Decide what kind of patio that you want to choose first and then you can move on with the right design for the fireplace. For instance, if you have a separate patio that isn’t connected to the main house construction, and the patio comes with the roof cover. You can have a traditional and regular fireplace that is similar to the one inside the house. It creates a homey and cozy atmosphere, similar to the one inside your house. Don’t forget, though, that you should install the exhaust or the chimney so the smoke won’t choke you. Such a construction, surprisingly, is beautiful and artistic. It creates a unique sense when installed on your outdoor property.

If you have the open space patio (meaning that it doesn’t have any roof construction), you can have a more modern look for the patio fireplace. Some homeowners may install a wall-like construction with the built-in fireplace and manage the seating area nearby. Some homeowners may choose the slim regular fireplace construction and manage the seating area surrounding the fireplace. It also creates a unique effect – whether you choose the shorter wall-like construction or the taller slim and regular fireplace design.

However, if you have the open space patio, it would be a great idea to choose a solid and sturdy material, such as stones. Stone fireplace is long lasting and naturally beautiful. It may take the extra cost during the construction but when done properly, the construction will last for good with minimum care and maintenance.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the safety matter. And it would be wise to consider the family members too – do you have kids at home? Are the family members all adults? What kinds of precautions or preparations that you can do to secure the area from kids? In the end, it is you who can decide which design or which variant of the patio fireplace suitable for your needs.

Patio Fountains

Patio fountains can increase the value of the property as well as improving the aesthetic appeal. Most homeowners think that building and constructing the patio fountain is always difficult but it isn’t always necessary. On the contrary to what people believe, you don’t have to build a grandeur or extravagant fountain to make your patio look beautiful. If everything is designed and managed correctly, you will be able to create an appealing construction – without having to spend a fortune.

Patio Fountains

Landscape Management

The first thing that you should consider when having this project is to think about the landscape. Every landscape is different and unique, so knowing the unique aspect of your own landscape can definitely help. Is it possible to have small and detachable fountain? Do you need the bigger and more complicated fountain? The decision to choose which fountain to choose will also affect the cost. The simplest one can cost only $75 while the more sophisticated one can go up to thousands of dollars.

Don’t forget that you should also determine the type of patio fountains and the accompaniment features. Do you want to have the electric powered fountain or the one with the solar power? What about the materials – do you want the ceramic one, the fiberglass one, or the cast stone? What about the combinations of everything? Do you want fountains with lights or not? What are other entertainment features to choose? These things don’t seem to be important but they do.

The Additional Features

There are other interesting patio fountains ideas that you can implement for the project, such as:

Try combining the fountain and the fire pit. These two items are the important elements that will make your patio comfortable and cozy. Everyone likes to gather around the fire pit and no one will refuse the laid-back atmosphere offered by the fountain. These two elements can be great because you can get the alternative entertainment options – whether it is night or day.

What about the disappearing fountains? Unlike the regular fountain where the reservoir is visible or can be seen, the disappearing fountains have the hidden reservoir. They are great, stylish, and artistic.

Add lights to the fountain. The fountain alone is beautiful, but imagine if you can have lights to the construction. You will have a great feature during nights and it will definitely increase the value of your property.

Managing the fountain isn’t easy but if you can do it carefully, you should be able to create atractive and functional patio fountains.

Patio Gazebo

In the event that you want to have a detached or separate patio, the patio gazebo can be the greatest option. The greatest thing about this construction is that today’s variants are quite many. They are coming in various sizes and models. You can even find the enclosed or the open ones. So, which one would be the perfect one for your house?

Patio Gazebo

Choosing the Right Types

As it was mentioned before, there are different types of patio gazebo out there. The most common one is the open type. This gazebo is pretty inexpensive, depending on your preference. You can choose the solid one (it can’t be broken down or removed) or the movable one. For the latter type, make sure that you assemble everything correctly so the construction will remain sturdy and strong.

There is also the enclosed gazebo, which means that this construction comes with side walls or enclosures. The modern type comes with glass enclosure, which is super attractive and elegant. But if you like privacy and the inexpensive spending, the one with wall-like construction from bamboo or wood is also possible.

Planning out the Gazebo

Keep in mind that the gazebo will be a part of your property and backyard, so it is only logical if you add the decorative elements to the construction and design. Here are some simple and yet attractive patio gazebo ideas:

  • Add greeneries. You may be surprised with the fact that plants can freshen up the gazebo. Plants can add life and also color to the entire setting. You can have hanging plants on the gazebo’s archways or you can have vines around the structure. Choose the one with light plants and nice smell – the nice smell can add the fragrant addition to the gazebo.
  • Add the lights. It would be a good idea to install electricity in the gazebo. Having the lights in the gazebo can help improve the mood and atmosphere, especially if you want to use it at night. Of course, having the candles is nice too but wouldn’t it be nice if you can have a stronger and more powerful source of light – which is safer too.
  • Manage the furniture and curtains. If you have the enclosed gazebo, having the curtain may not be so necessary. But what if you have glass enclosure? What if you have the open gazebo? Even with the open gazebo, adding the mosquito net can help so you can enjoy the perimeter without the disturbance from the mosquito. Don’t forget to manage the furniture too.

Patio Lights

If you really want to improve the function of your patio, planning the right patio lights would be a crucial step. Some homeowners want to have the regular lighting installation – similar to the one they have inside the house. Some, however, may prefer the lighting strings which care considered more flexible than the regular lighting system. So, which one do you prefer? Which one should you choose?

Patio Lights

The Basic Functionality

Just because your patio is located outdoor, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to install the lights. You may have enough lights during the day but what if it is night time? Or what if you want to do activities outdoor during the day but it is cloudy and rainy? Without the lights, you won’t be able to have a clear visibility and sight. That’s why it is a good idea to install the lights.

If you are happy with the same lighting construction like the one you have at home, you can have one. Even if your patio is quite small, you still need to have the lighting source. However, some homeowners are pretty clever with this lighting concern because they use light strings instead of having the regular lighting installation.

The Light Strings

The light strings are versatile because you can place them almost anywhere. You can hang them close to the door or near the windows – provided that you have the enclosed patio. If you have the open space type, hanging them on the area where the seats are located will be a good idea. You can also wrap them around the columns or poles – it will create an appealing effect.

And when we are talking about the light strings, which one should you choose? The colorful one like the Christmas lights or the single-color type? The single color strings can come in either all white shades or the colored shades, such as blue lights or green lights. These are different from the Christmas lights because one string will be coming in one uniformed colored model, such as all green lights or all red lights.

Creative Ideas

There are tons of creative patio lighting ideas to try. For instance, you can try the transparent lights that are unique and simply gorgeous. It looks as if you don’t have the bulbs and the light simply shines through. You can also choose the LED lights that are long lasting or the regular lights. It doesn’t hurt if you can plan the patio lights before the installation.

Patio Paver

Planning and finding the right patio paver ideas may take an extra time on your part, especially if you want to make sure that you have made the right choice and it won’t go wrong. When you want to build a patio or remodel the old (and the already existing one), choosing the right materials is important.

Patio Paver

You want to choose the durable and strong materials – and most importantly, they should last for long time and not easily damaged (or worn). Don’t forget that the architectural structure of the house matters because it will determine the kinds of materials to choose.

Surface Texture and Overall Safety

Before planning the particular patio paver ideas or pick a certain theme, think about the function and also texture of the surface. What is the function of the patio? Who will be using it the most? Is it for kids, adults only, or both kids and adults? Is it used for family gatherings which will be quite often or for entertaining guests only? Those factors will determine the types of materials to choose.

If there is a family member who is using a walker or wheelchair, the bumpy and rough cobblestones will give them a hard time. If the patio is also used as a dining area, you want to use the even, smooth, and flat surfaces. If the patio will be used often with high traffic, using the slip resistant material or coating is important.

Among the many types of patio paver design, concrete is one of the most popular option. It is inexpensive and it is attractive. Not to mention that it is also super flexible – you can apply different kinds of finish or textures to it, and the concrete can be shaped into different shapes, colors, and also sizes. In the event that you want to make your own project, you can have such finish like etchings, faux finish, rock salt, hand carving, and aggregate.

Types of Stones

Most homeowners would probably choose stones for their patio. Some of the popular options for the patio paver ideas include cobblestones, flagstone, cut stone, and veneer stone. Don’t forget to choose the right filling when you choose concrete or stone pavers. They are usually placed with gaps, and you want to choose either Irish moss or thyme for the filling.

You can also choose ground covers, gravel, or sand for it. Whatever you choose, make sure to plan the whole patio paver ideas carefully and don’t rush things.

Patio Railing

Not many homeowners would be thinking about patio railing – until it is too late. The rail around the patio isn’t only serving for safety reason but also for decorative appeal. You’d be surprised how difficult the overall management is – and the result can be chaotic if you do it in a rush. No need to worry though, because there are so many elements to cover. You need to do your research carefully before choosing on a particular design or type.

Patio Railing

The Combined Components

Today, we have the so-called hybrid rail where you can combine all kinds of materials. In so many different designs, it is pretty common today to see the combination of glass, galvanized iron, stainless steel cables, wood, and aluminum mixed together. In fact, when done properly, you can have endless possibilities and options with such a mixture.

One of the attractive possibilities of patio railing ideas is the combination of galvanized iron rail sectionals and wooden posts. Instead of choosing only the galvanized iron or the wooden material, having the combined mix can create a unique look that isn’t boring or plain. Moreover, here is an example of how stylish the combination of the man made material and the natural element. You can have a durable and appealing rail that is simple for the installation.

If you don’t mind spending extra, you can have the stainless steel cable, posts, and frames – and the design can be super versatile for the patio railing element. For instance, the cable can be installed vertically or horizontally inside the frame. This kind of design is more attractive than the traditional baluster – and it speaks volumes of modern and sleek effect. If you want to retain the natural look, mix this stainless steel construction with the wooden material. It is gorgeous and the effect is stunning.

Is it possible to combine wood, metal, and glass altogether? Why not? After all, that’s the whole point of the hybrid material. Wood is great for the natural effect but it is easily rotten. When you place it for the outdoor element, it is prone to rotting.

The best way is to minimize the use of wood. You can have wooden posts or columns with metal frame and glass cover. The top area of the wood can be covered or the bottom area can be elevated so it will minimize the contact with water. Basically, there are tons of of creative ideas and designs about the patio railing.

Patio Rugs

The patio rugs can spark up the style and atmosphere of the outdoor setting – not to mention that the patterns can improve the overall look of your patio. Although there are tons of rugs for the outdoor use out there, you should be able to narrow your options to the best design and outcome. That’s why it is crucial if you can learn about your needs so you can pick the best rug.

Patio Rug

The Benefits of the Outdoor Rug

Naturally, you expect some greater benefits from the use of outdoor rugs. So what are they?

The rugs will provide you with a new look and atmosphere. Thanks to the rich patterns and depth of colors, you can enrich and add appeal to your outdoor surroundings.

The rugs can keep your floor clean, protecting the pavers or wooden deck. Not to mention that the rugs are super stylish, increasing the visual appeal of your patio

The rugs can define barriers or spaces. Just like the rugs in the interior decor, the outdoor carpet or rug can define spaces or areas. In the event that you have a spacious patio with seating area, kitchen, and relaxing spot, the rugs can greatly help. They help divide the spaces into the areas that you want.

The Handy Tips

So, there are some handy tips about the patio rugs when you want to create a stylish arrangement and placement.

You need to choose the long lasting and strong materials – resistant to all kinds of weather conditions, fade, and stain.

You want to make sure that your rugs match perfectly with the already existing elements, such as fountains, fireplaces, and pillars. You don’t want them to contradict one another.

You want to think and manage the space factor. When you decide on the shape and size of the rugs, space would be the important factor. For instance, the round table will look amazing with round rugs while the rectangular (or square) rug will be perfect for seating grouping.

If you are placing the rugs under the seating tables or such thing alike, you need to make sure that the rug is wide enough so you can pull out the chairs (with enough room) without them leaving the rugs – and there should be enough remaining room.

In the overall sense, be sure to do your research carefully and thoroughly. When done properly and correctly, the patio rugs can seriously improve the overall look and atmosphere of the outdoor setting.

Patio Shades

Not many homeowners understand the importance of patio shades, thinking that they aren’t too important or crucial. However, you should realize that installing the shades will be able to improve the comfort factor. Your patio will no longer be the ‘area outside the house’ but it will be the extension of your home – a cozy and homey place to spend your times. That’s why you should know some of the shades facts if you seriously want to improve the aesthetic appeal and convenience.

Patio Shades

The Basic Functions

Keep in mind that the patio shades will keep the patio cool and comfy – especially if you like spending your time outdoor. If you enjoy entertaining guests, the shades will also keep them feel at ease. Of course, it would be nice to have an open setting so you can enjoy the warm weather and atmosphere, but the shades will definitely help when it is too hot or the sun is angrily glaring down the Earth. It will fend off the heat as well as protecting you from the UV rays.

Some homeowners would treat their outdoor patio as their additional entertainment room, so they may place the laptop, phone, and even TV there. The shades help reduce the glare in case you want to watch TV or simply work in the patio.

Choosing the Right One

There are surprisingly many interesting patio shades ideas that you can implement to your patio. Should you be using the transparent shades or the blackout type? How much opening should you have? What kinds of materials available for the shades?

First of all, we have the so called solar shades, designed to block off the hot sun ray and also UV rays. They are generally more expensive than the regular shades, but they are sturdier, more long lasting, and more modern in design. These shades are made with the latest technology and premium quality fabrics – which help with the sun control feature. Not to mention that the fabric is also weatherproof as well as waterproof. You can pick any colors, patterns, and sizes, while making sure that you won’t overspend for the shades.

Don’t forget that shades come with various openness levels, ranging from only 1% to 14%. The bigger the number is, the more light will shine through. But you will be able to see through it so your view won’t be hampered.

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